Company Profile


Innovation. Once in your blood, it stays.

Stainless steel accessories. You see them everywhere these days. But, 20 years ago, they were a revolution – one we’re proud to have led. But as proud as we are of being the creators of the category, that same team is prouder of its continuing culture of innovation.

Function & Style

Design. To us that means the seamless interaction of function and style. It is, we believe, what has established us as a national and international supplier, tailoring and testing products for many of the world’s leading automative brands. In South Africa, Artav’s innovations are distributed both as OEM approved products and through a network of national distributors.

Airbag Intelligent

Artav’s airbag intelligence has been achieved through full engagement with vehicle manufacturers. We follow the guidelines laid down in manufacturers’ bracket specifications and design our products to marry perfectly with factory-fitted mounting points. Whenever possible, these specifications are enhanced – within manufacturers’ guidelines – for South African conditions.

Designing for PDC Advances

Park Distance Control is a dynamic discipline – it evolves constantly. Each vehicle has its own peculiarities. Each new model arrives with new design in PDC sensor positions, different angles, different technology.
Designing around PDC means positioning bars and brackets to eliminate any possible obstruction of sensor function. We work around the sensors, and there is no cutting of grilles and bumpers.


Robotic Polishing

Quality control of Artav’s distinctive mirror finish is managed by dual-station robotic polishing programmed to execute a perfect surface on production runs across over 160 product variations.

CNC Pipe-bending

CNC pipe-bending stations are controlled by 3D programming. They automate this critical phase of manufacture, delivering consistent and exact angles for all products.

Laser Cutting

From engineered mild-steel bracketry to stainless steel cosmetics. Laser cut components enter the production process with precision-fit specifications.

Modelling. Simulation. Testing.

Virtual modeling is an essential part of the design process. Resulting prototypes are sent out of the country for physical testing – with the additional benefit of improved airbag intelligence.

Designing for pedestrian safety:

Artav follows the EU’s pedestrian safety guidelines in its product design. Intelligent, structured weak points manage the collapsibility of mounting brackets under certain types of impact.

lSO:900I 2015 certificate