GWM Steed 5 Sports Bar

Steed 5 & 5E Sports Bar w Oval Side Plates Stainless (Fits all DC Models)

Our premium 304 marine-grade stainless steel GWM Steed 5 & 5E Sports Bar with Oval Side Plates provides rugged style for life’s adventures. Tested to withstand any challenge, this ergonomically-designed sports bar fits all double cab models.

Year Model: 2019>

R6,555.00 incl. Vat

Adventure calls – are you ready to answer? With the Steed 5 & 5E Sports Bar with Oval Side Plates crafted from high-quality 304 marine-grade stainless steel, you’ll have the freedom to follow any winding road without hesitation.

Forged to be as daring as your spirit of exploration, this sports bar has been ergonomically designed and rigorously tested to handle whatever challenges come your way. Endurance, salt spray and UV testing ensure this sports bar will endure through countless voyages of discovery.

The sleek yet rugged design complements your vehicle’s natural lines.

Hit the open road without fear. Backed by a 5-year / 100,000km warranty, the Steed 5 & 5E Sports Bar with Oval Side Plates gives you the confidence to embark on life’s grand adventures. All Artav accessories are proudly manufactured in South Africa according to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Forge new trails. Follow forgotten roads. Find what lies beyond the horizon. The open road is calling – let the adventures begin!

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