Steed 5E Nudge Bar w Oval Cross Member Black (Fits all Steed 5E Models & Steed 5 MPI 4x2 Base & 4x2 SX)

Steed 5E Nudge Bar w Oval Cross Member Black (Fits all Steed 5E Models & Steed 5 MPI 4×2 Base & 4×2 SX)

Unleash adventure. The GWM Steed 5E Nudge Bar allows you to venture off the beaten path without hesitation. Its sleek black design and durable construction provide essential protection so you can discover what’s over the next horizon. Engineered for maximum capability and crafted with precision, this is your key to unlocking the road less traveled. The open road awaits.

Year Model: 2019>

R5,577.50 incl. Vat

Where the road ends, the adventure begins. The Steed 5E Nudge Bar is your rugged companion ready to join you on life’s greatest escapades. Its robust stainless steel build and tough powder coat finish equip your vehicle to handle whatever challenges arise.

Ergonomically sculpted for seamless integration with your Steed’s styling, this nudge bar provides essential protection without compromising the vehicle’s bold looks. Its oval cross member and rounded edges deliver an optimized blend of strength and style. Extensively tested to ensure air bag compatibility and endure harsh conditions, this nudge bar is built to venture far and wide.

Forged to unlock adventure and engineered to match your thirst for freedom, the Steed 5E Nudge Bar is your key to discovering roads less traveled. Its sleek black design embodies the spirit of independence and complements your vehicle’s intrepid nature. Wherever ambition takes you, this nudge bar is equipped to follow.

The open road awaits. The Steed 5E Nudge Bar – unleash adventure.

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