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We ensure high-quality stainless steel products by controlling all aspects of the production process!



All our products come with a 5-year warranty!

We not only believe in creating quality automotive accessories but ensure that every detail within the production process is carefully analysed to ensure that each product meets our standards of excellence and the correct quality levels.


Artav Stainless Steel manufactures a wide range of tubular and oval-tube nudge bars, with specific vehicle branding, for nearly all 4×4s and SUVs on the South African market. Each nudge bar is designed and tested for air-bag compatibility and comes with a comprehensive insurance policy. Our design department also runs endurance and vibration tests before signing off any new nudge bar for manufacturing. Artav Stainless Steel focuses mainly on pure stainless steel but also has a popular range of black stainless nudge bars.


All of our sports bars/styling bars are designed to give a bolder and more enhanced look and visual to the vehicle. Our latest range is the Canyon-style sports bar. This styling-bar design is fast becoming the new trend in sports bar concepts for local OEMs. The range was designed with the American market in mind as the product portrays the market’s ‘larger-than-life’ ideals. Our popular range of sports bars, with oval side plates, is a definite must for all 4×4 owners looking for great value for money. These products follow the standard sports bar design and utilise black rubbers on oval side plates which display the vehicle name completed in Domex decal with automotive sealant.

All Sports Bars are endurance and vibration tested to ensure only the best quality for our customers.


Artav Stainless Steel produces five different ranges of side-step accessories for the South African market. Dubbed the perfect side step in South Africa, our oval double-tube side steps – our “big boys” – have a wide oval step and a large step pad with added tread for grip. They have been load tested to 200 kgs, ensuring that they are perfect for SA market conditions. This really is our most popular seller and is by far the best side step on the market right now. Standard round tubular side steps have been replaced largely by the new oval style; however, our round-tube side steps are still found on many of our older model designs.

Your vehicle will stand out from the rest!

Artav Stainless Steel maintains the highest levels in terms of product testing within the SA market for OEM parts. Our product engineering department runs simulations involving airbag compatibility, load testing, vibration testing on brackets and SABS testing on towbars.

Creating Quality Automotive Accessories

Bulk up your bakkie with our latest range of high-quality stainless steel accessories. Our Artav factory controls all aspects of the production process, ensuring that every product that leaves the facility is of exceptional quality!

Exceptional Quality Guaranteed


Our products are proudly manufactured in South Africa according to ISO 9001 standards, and come with a 5-year warranty!


All our products are manufactured using automated technology, which allows for high-quality stainless steel accessories!

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