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Artav Stainless Steel has launched a brand new nudge bar design that will be 20 minutes quicker to install and doesn’t require removal of the bumper or cutting of your vehicle grill or bumper. Read more about the key advantages this new nudge bar design offers!

Quicker Fitting Time

Our new nudge bars can now be fitted in 20 minutes.

Clean and Neat Finish

The new nudge bar has no top brackets cut into the grill and therefore allow your vehicle to have a cleaner and neater finish.

No Bumper Removal

Fitment of our new nudge bar doesn’t require removal of the bumper which means no risk in damaging the bumper or breaking bumper clips.

No Cutting of Grill or Bumper

The new nudge bar doesn’t require any cutting of your vehicle grill or bumper.

Airbag Compatible

Guaranteed Airbag compliance as no top brackets required.

PDC Approved

We offer PDC nudge bars that are bottom mount fitment.

Endurance Tested

Our state of the art test rig is one of two in South Africa that have been designed to conduct a 52hr 100 000km endurance test. It simulates off-road conditions and runs the product through vibration sweep cycles to simulate what would amount to 100 000kms of driving vibration. 

Approved by Artav Stainless Steel

We give all our parts the stamp of approval before launching them into the market. Our approval is our backing and Artav Stainless Steel offers a 5-year warranty on its stainless steel accessories.

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