GWM P-Series Nudge Bar Black

Venture off-road with confidence in your GWM. This rugged black stainless steel nudge bar provides essential protection for your vehicle while enhancing its bold style. Precision-engineered and locally manufactured to the highest quality standards, this accessory has been salt spray, UV and endurance tested to withstand even the harshest conditions. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this nudge bar is ready for any adventure. Charge ahead without fear of damage—the open road awaits!

R4,600.00 incl. Vat

Adventure calls—answer without hesitation when you equip your GWM with this robust nudge bar. Forged from nearly indestructible 409 black stainless steel, this nudge bar provides essential protection for your vehicle’s front end while amplifying its commanding presence.

Precisely engineered and locally manufactured in South Africa to the highest quality standards, this nudge bar has been rigorously tested to withstand anything nature and the open road can throw at it. Salt spray, UV and endurance tested, this nudge bar remains unyielding in the face of harsh weather and rough terrain.
With its bold black satin finish and ergonomic yet stylish design, this nudge bar integrates seamlessly with your GWM’s adventurous spirit. Charge ahead without fear and venture off the beaten path at a moment’s notice.

Backed by a full 5-year / 100,000km warranty, you can have confidence this nudge bar will be by your side for countless adventures to come. Locally made to exacting standards, this is no flimsy aftermarket part—this is your key to unlocking the road less traveled in your GWM.
The open road awaits. Adventure calls. Answer with the GWM P-Series Nudge Bar in Black—your rugged companion for the road ahead, wherever it may lead.

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